Urban Desaturated Tone Using Lightroom Mobile

Creat Urban Desaturated Look in Lightroom App.

Hello freinds, here is the urban desaturated tone tutorial. this tone is amazing. best tone ever. you can easily create this tone on your
smartphone in adobe photoshop lightroom 
cc app. freind's you need a outdoor image's
for applying this tone your image, because in indoor images it's not looking pretty much like outdoor image, so try to use on outdoor image.
Watch video tutorial on YouTube 

Follow steps through screenshots 
-when you open up your image in app, you will get so many tool's out there. just like this¬

-first of all select profiles option which one is one is on 4th number. after profiles wiil be open, and you will get 5 different profiles. so you have to do apply artistic 4 on your image and select opacity between 100 to 120¬
-now click on light option
after that basic lights adjustment. freind's you can easily adjust lights, if you can't understand how to adjust, then simple use auto button otherwise adjust light through screenshot¬

-now click on color option 
after that adjustment of temperature, tint, vibrance and saturation. so see screenshot below for prefect settings¬
-now click on color mix option
when you click on color mix tool, you will get 8 types of color with HSL [hue, saturation & luminance ] with this tool you change hue of selective color, increase or decrease saturation of selective color & increase or decrease highlights of selective color. color mix tool help you to color grade in different style. now here is the perfect settings for desaturated urban tone, just do with these screenshots below¬

-click on effect option 
if your image is in hd quality then increase clarity up to 50+ otherwise increase about 10 to 20. when you apply clarity on image  the image will be looked better¬

-click on detail option 
in detail option, here you can sharpen your image, reduce noise, & color noise reduction. so adjust these settings accordingly your image otherwise do settings with this screenshot¬
that's for it today freind's, i hope you will also get this urban tone on your image, i had recently uploaded a video on my YouTube channel on urban desaturated tone. so watch that video & enjoy.
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