Toni Mahufd Lightroom Preset - Lightroom Mobile Preset

toni mahfud free lightroom preset
Toni Mahufd Lightroom Preset - Lightroom Mobile Preset

Toni Mahfud is the famous icon on Instagram. 

Toni Mahfud is a German artist, fine art photographer, handsome model, communication designer and Instagram superstar. 

he is popular for posting his artworks, photos and other content on instagram, facebook, twitter etc.
Mahfud is passionate for his art began since he was 4 years old and he started rising to getting fame in 2011, his posts slowly  got viral across on social media.

Free Toni Mahfud lightroom preset for mobile is here. the best thing of this lightroom preset is look is amazing. this lightroom preset has been created to give toni mahfud look to your photo. this lightroom mobile preset will work on every photo will get the same result.

What is presets?
Presets is pre-loaded settings stored in lrtemplate, dng etc file, but in lightroom app only dng presets will be worked, so if your love to do your editing/retouching on your mobile.


  • Compatible in adobe lightroom cc app
  • Preset in .dng file
  • Work on every photo
  • Toni Mahfud look

Fully adjustable