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Silhouette Effect

PicsArt App
PicsArt is an amazing photo editing, collage and drawing application with lots of stunning features. picsart enables users to take and edit photos, draw with layers, and share their photos with the picsart community and on other social media networks like facebook and instagram etc. this app is available on ios, android, and windows mobile devices. 

PicsArt Manipulation

You can make/manipulate your image silhouette easily on your phone with the help of picsart app. this is an awesome effect. here, i will try to explain all things below through screenshots. first of all you need to crop/erase your background & need a dramatic backgrounds for making silhouette.

Follow these steps

- Well crop your background. you can crop your images using draw layer/ cutout layer. cut out layer is the best. otherwise there are so many background eraser apps available on google play store, so choose your best app for erasing image background easily for you. 

- when cropping is done, save your photo in png in your file/gallery
-After that open crop image in picsart app

-Now go to draw menu
click on draw button 

-Now choose empty layer
why choose empty layer? 
because we have to fill color in empty layer that helped for the creating silhouette 

-Fill black color in empty layer
just easily select black color from color panel. don't choose another color, because we are creating silhouette. 

-Now multiply the layer

[ blend color using multiply ] 
multiply the black color layer with crop image layer.

-After that merge both layers in a single layer. now your silhouette will be created easily.

-after that save that silhouette image in png format not in jpeg/jpg format

-Now again open picsart

-Now add a beautiful background which is suitable for silhouette. try to use sunset backgrounds, or you can create/ make your own background. 

-after that click on add photo, and add silhouette from your picsart folder in gallery.

-adjust that silhouette png according background, try to fix as looks good in background. 

-after that add any effect that suits the image perfectly.

-That's it.👍

here i will be giving some backgrounds, png for creating silhouette Image easily. 

Download pre-edited silhouette copule png. from here you will get so many pre edited silhouette png for free. so, if your are not able to make any image silhouette, you can visit this website for different types of silhouette image png for free. 

Download more backgrounds from Unsplash
here, in this link i will provided sky backgrounds that's suitable for creating silhouette perfectly. here all backgrounds are full hd & free, so download unlimited backgrounds from here. 

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