Rich & Moody Lightroom Preset for Mobile - Lightroom Mobile Preset

Beautiful rich and moody lightroom preset for lightroom mobile. this preset is specially designed for outdoor condition on greeny background for best result. color from this preset is looking attractive. this preset offers moody tones and rich color.

About Lightroom Mobile App
Lightroom CC Mobile is a free complete
photo editor app for android and ios, amazing and powerful photo editing app to enhance the beauty of your photos in a few minutes. lightroom provides some premium offers for selective tool and healing buttons but you can use preset on the free app.

download lightroom mobile presets free from here. all of my presets are free. if you want perfect results from my presets. after applying preset in adobe photoshop lightroom cc app. do further adjustment with Exposure, Highlights and Shadows. all presets are custom handmade specially for lightroom mobile