Moody Orange Lightroom Mobile Presets (Lightroom Presets)

Download moody orange lightroom presets for lightroom mobile. best lightroom mobile presets for portrait stock images and landscapes images.

These lightroom presets will change your mood, save your lots of time and money. 
This lightroom presets has been designed to give amazing moody orange tone over portrait stock images and landscape images.
This lightroom presets is part of our beautiful moody presets collection.

Checkout some before and after from this moody lightroom presets¬

Compatibility and Features¬
– Fully adjustable presets
– Fully compatible with RAW and JPEG images
– 2 Moody orange .dng file that compatible with Lightroom CC Mobile

! Please Note
  • All results from this presets works differently with each images. that will based on colors, tones, lightning etc. of the original image. 
  • After applying the presets, make sure to play around with temperature, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites and blacks.
  • If you are looking to make your skin tanner/saturated/less tan, play around with the Saturation and Luminance of Orange color in Color Mix Too. 

If You are sharing my presets on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, Please give proper credit with backlink of my posts. 


  1. hello first open you LR application and click on option of add photo then there you see your all preset then click on preset you like open in lightroom and click on three dot there is the option of copy setting click on it then go back and open your photo on which you want to use preset after open your image click on three dot and and click on option paste setting your preset will apllied on your photo,,,,,
    follow me on instagram //@abhisheksharma_00

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