Free Lightroom Mobile Presets |Lightroom Presets for mobile

Lightroom Mobile Presets That works. Download free Lightroom Presets for Lightroom Mobile now. Everyone is preferred to work with presets to make their photo editing for quick. Adobe Lightroom is the best photo editing apps that give freedom to edit a photo using several tools. It also provides a unique feature to edit in a single click with preset.


What are Adobe Lightroom mobile presets?
Adobe Lightroom mobile preset is a pre-saved setting of the sliders, position, HSL settings, curves & more stored in DNG file (DNG Preset) In simple words, you can edit a photo through pasting settings of a particular dng file to get a similar effect in your photo.

Why use Lightroom Mobile Presets?
Everyone has a smartphone, but not a PC or Laptop. The best part? You don’t have to pay for Adobe Lightroom subscription! You simply need the free version of the Lightroom app installed on your phone.

How to install or use Lightroom Presets on Mobile (Easy Way)
I'll show you the simple & easy method, how to use Lightroom preset in Adobe Lightroom app with screenshots.
First, download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Apk from here.

  • Unzip the file using RAR app
  • Select them all
  • Click on share
  • Click on add to Lightroom

Edit amazing photos from your smartphone with adobe magic. this app gives you the best editing tools like lightroom cc pc as well you can edit your raw images and create many more different types of effects in this app. you can edit your photo with advance tools like a selective tool, healing tool, and geometry tool. you can shoot amazing photos also. this app gives you different presets for different effects on your photos. otherwise, you can use any other presets(DNG) to edit your photo with this photo editing app.

Download Matte Black Preset

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