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Try these free Lightroom Profiles on Lightroom Mobile or Lightroom Classic. If you are one of those who looking for the best Lightroom Profiles. You are in a right place. when you’re using Lightroom Presets or Lightroom Profiles, you can see the difference between them. Because, Profiles make difference.
Now take a look at Lightroom Profiles result below

Lightroom Profiles

How To Install Lightroom Profiles on Lightroom Mobile
● First of all download all Lightroom Profiles from here
● Unzip the file using RAR app
● Open File Manager 
● Copy all Profiles 
● Now find and open Android folder in file manager
● Follow according screenshots¬
Local > Internal Storage > Android >data
com.adobe.lrmobile > files > carouselDocuments > 000000000000
Profiles > Settings > UserStyles
● Paste all Profiles in UserStyles folder
Local > Internal Storage > Android > data > com.adobe.lrmobile > files > carouselDocuments > 000000000000 > Profiles > Settings > UserStyles
Now open Lightroom App and check Profiles

In Lightroom desktop you can eaisly import profiles. there is option for importing profiles but in Lightroom Mobile there is no option for importing profiles. 
Instead of using Lightroom Presets, try once these Lightroom Profiles for best looking color tones

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