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Free premium mobile lightroom presets. Free lightroom mobile presets to enhance quality of image. High-Quality mobile dng presets for photographers and influencers. Download for free. Create beautiful photos with your smartphone in 1-click. Using our mobile presets in Adobe Lightroom Mobile. Make your Instagram feed more consistent and beautiful.
Get the benefit of free filters that you can customize without limits when you use Adobe Lightroom mobile presets.

Compatibility and Features

▪ Fully adjustable and customizable
▪ Made for Lightroom Mobile only
▪ 5 Lightroom Presets (.dng)
▪ Perfect for outdoor image

If you are unhappy with the results, please try the following:

▪ Play around with exposure and highlights
▪ Increase orange luminance for bright face
▪ Increase or decrease slider of clarity

Lightroom gives us more freedom to edit photos with presets or their several tools. sometimes preset work well, sometimes not. you need to understand how to choose presets for perfect results.

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