Dual Tone Lightroom Preset – Lightroom Mobile Preset

Dual Tone Lightroom Preset – Lightroom Mobile Preset 

Best Lightroom Preset for dark portrait. this lightroom mobile preset is amazing and love to share with you. you can create a dual tone effect in a single click with mobile lightroom cc app.

Before and After from this lightroom preset

Image Credit – Nathan Elson
This preset is designed to give dual color effect over dark portraits. no need to do color correction. if you want to change colors. simply use lightroom profiles – Artistic or Modern Profile

I have used Modern 4 profile while making this preset. as i said you can use any color profiles that suits your portraits.

Note:- How To Copy Setting Of This Preset 
While copying settings of preset enable Linear Gradeint and Radial Gradeint in Tool.
-Preset is compatible in mobile lightroom cc app 
-Work on RAW and JPEG images
-Fully adjustable preset
-Preset in DNG format


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