Dark Moody Lightroom Mobile Preset | Adobe Lightroom Preset

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This preset has been created to give dark and moody look to your photos. this preset will work on adobe photoshop lightroom cc apk. however use this preset on your portraits and do some little adjustments for moody look. give your image creative color with this dark & moody lightroom preset.

dark moody lightroom presets, lightroom mobile presets, lightroom presets

This Preset has been created by a professional photographer. main thing of this preset is working on every images. so, edit your images with this lightroom preset in no time. this preset is handmade for adobe photoshop lightroom cc only

  •  Compatible with Adobe Photoshop         Lightroom CC APK 
  • Compatible in iOS and Android
  •  Work on Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC       Apk
  • Preset in dng file
  • Fully adjustable
            Download  lightroom preset 

Please Note
  • All results from this presets works differently with each images. that will based on colors, tones, lightning etc. of the original image. 
  • After applying the presets, make sure to play around with temperature, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites and blacks.
  • If you are looking to make your skin tanner/saturated/less tan, play around with the Saturation and Luminance of Orange color in Color Mix Too. 
If You are sharing my presets on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, Please give proper credit with backlink of my posts. 

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