Dark Moddy Effect - Lightroom Mobile

Moody dark effect is best effect in lightroom & photoshop. you can create this effect in your own way. so, i had created a unique dark moody effect in lightroom mobile application. first of all you need to understand the color of your image, when you understand the color of image, you will create dark moody effect easily on your smartphone. this effect will not work on every image, it's work on outdoor images, outdoor portraits. when you try this effect on your outdoor image. that was going to be amazing.
-Outdoor images, outdoor portraits
-Lightroom cc app
Lightroom cc app is a free app, which is available on ios, android, windows. this app is best for photo retouching & editing. you can download it for free. if you never use this app, try to use this app. this app is awesome and better then any editing android app.

Follow some steps for creating dark moody effect in lightroom app. 
i had given below all settings in screenshots. 
-Import your image in lightroom app. 
1- Adjust Lights
[ C= -50, H=35 ] 
here, i had adjust the contrast & highlights because my image light is good. if your image over exposed then adjust exposure & blacks. the main purpose is adjust lights according image. 

2- Adjust Tones
[ T= - 1, V= - 15 ] 
adjusting tones is little bit tough, but don't do more changes. just adjust lilltle bit with temperature & vibrance. 
3- H S L [ Hue, Saturation, Luminance ] 
In HSL panel you will get 8 colors, 
HSL is the main key of creating dark moody effect in lightroom. so below i had given some settings screenshots. so try to apply those settings on your image. 

Note- if you color is to much vibrant then try to decrease saturation of selective color. if your background color is different from my image color then don't worry just decrease saturation of your background color. 
4- Vignette
if you want to get dramatic effect, then use vignette tool to create dramatic effect, just bring down vignette and adjust mid-point, feather, roundness, highlights accordingly to your image. 
5- Clarity & Noise Reduction
it will depend upon your image, that your image is too noisy or over sharpening. so, it will  depends on you how you can use these both tools accordingly to your image.
I think you have created dark moody effect in lightroom. hope you had get ideas from here to creating this effect.
i had posted a video tutorial on this effect on my youtube channel, so if you can't understand this process, then watch video on my channel, and don't forget to subscribe my channel also. 
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