Brandon Woelfel Lightroom Preset - Lightroom Mobile Preset

Lightroom Free Preset for brandon woelfel effect 
Brandon Woelfel
United State based photographer who has a huge fan following on Instagram. where he shares his amazing photos with his 2.4 millions followers. you can find him on all social media platforms like facebook, twitter, tumblr etc.

Now lets talk about how we can edit like him on mobile. first of all you need a good quality image or portrait that you want to edit like him.

First of all you need a android app that is available on google play store - Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC and on ios platform too. so, download this app. 

After downloading app, you have to sign up/login with your created id adobe id or you can log in with google account/facebook account. 

Most of the people are using this app. because this app is best for retouching.
I will give you  Brandon Woelfel lightroom  preset that is in dng file. free lightroom preset.

What are Lightroom presets?

A lightroom Preset is a pre-determined position all (or setting ) of the of sliders in lightroom (they are pre-settings,) In other words, you can edit a photo with single click, and then save that exactly combination of settings on your image. 

Download Brandon Woelfel Preset here

Now what to do with dng file. just follow some steps.

- Import Image & Preset in lightroom app

- Copy the settings of preset

- Now open your image

- Paste preset settings on your image

If you don't understand the process. watch a video tutorial on youtube.
YouTube video - 

Note - sometimes presets doesn't work on every photo, so try to edit some settings manually to get better results on your images. 
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